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Elli Fischer
Elli Fischer is an independent writer, translator, editor, and rabbi. Previously, he was the JLIC rabbi and campus educator at the University of Maryland. He holds rabbinical ordination from Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, and is working toward a doctorate in Jewish History at Tel Aviv University. His original writing has appeared in Commentary, Moment, Jewish Review of Books, Mosaic, Jewish Ideas Daily, Journal of Halakha and Contemporary Society, New York Jewish Week, Jewish Action, and elsewhere. Among his translated works are By Faith Alone: The Story of Rabbi Yehuda Amital, and he is the editor of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s Peninei Halakha series in English.

The Patron Saint of Rabbis’ Kids

The father heard the voice of God, Elli Fischer explains, but the son ends up with the blade on his neck.

In God’s Country: The “Zionism” of Rashi’s First Comment

Elli Fischer reads one of Rashi's most famous comments against the grain.

A Prayer at the Grave of Franz Rosenzweig

Elli Fischer's thoughts on visiting the grave of Franz Rosenzweig, founder of the original Lehrhaus