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Henry Abramson

Henry Abramson is a specialist in Jewish history, serving as a Dean of Touro University in Brooklyn, New York. His most recent work is a three-volume survey of Jewish history, forthcoming from Koren Publishers (Jerusalem).

Three Questions after October 7

Historian Henry Abramson, who is currently releasing a series of video lectures contextualizing Israeli history and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, asks hard questions about how to understand the post-October 7th world.

Hasidim and Academics Debate a Rebbe’s Faith during the Holocaust (on Facebook, of all...

Henry Abramson debates Shaul Magid on the faith of the Aish Kodesh.

Aesopian Language in the Holocaust Writings of the Aish Kodesh of Piaseczno

The Hasidic work, Aish Kodesh, under the scholarly microscope, by Henry Abramson.