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Dan Jutan
Dan Jutan is the co-founder and Student Coordinator of the College Beit Midrash of Atlanta. He lives and tutors in Atlanta’s Toco Hills community and teaches regularly at Kehilat Ohr Torah and New Toco Shul. He is a Computational Media major at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he also researches in the Digital Humanities. He studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion, was a Summer Fellow at the Center for Modern Torah Leadership, and is interested in the intersection between interactive technology and Jewish studies.

Teaching Talmud in the 21st Century: A Student Voice

Dan Jutan, Dov Greenwood, and Meir Kerzner explore the fundamentals of Jewish Education.

The Voice and the Sword: A Meta-Narrative in Rashi

Dan Jutan locates a fascinating meta-narrative within Rashi's commentary.