Lo Alman Yisrael: Reflections on the Legacy of Yaakov Elman

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The Lehrhaus Editors

Professor Yaakov Elman, the Herbert S. and Naomi Denenberg Chair in Talmudic Studies at the Yeshiva University’s Bernard Revel Graduate School, passed away on July 29, 2018, after a unique and storied career in Jewish Studies.

His passing spurred two events hosted at Yeshiva University’s Jerusalem and Manhattan campuses to mark his sheloshim (thirty days to his passing). The Lehrhaus has decided to publish several of these talks, which are linked below.

Despite the fact that Dr. Yaakov Elman is no longer with us, still לא אלמן ישראל (Jer. 51:5), Israel has not been widowed completely. Dr. Elman’s memory lives on through his teachings, his family, and his students.  

“Yaakov Elman z”l: Breadth, Creativity, and Commitment” by David Berger

“Professor Yaakov Elman: A Talmud Scholar of Singular Depth and Scope” by Shana Strauch Schick

“A Tribute to Yaakov Elman” by Mahnaz Moazami

“Reflections from a Student” by Meira Wolkenfeld

“Yaakov Elman and the History of Halakha” by Shlomo Zuckier

“Life, Children, and Sustenance: Personal Reflections on the Legacy of a Torah Scholar” by Richard Hidary.