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Introducing The Lehrhaus 2.0

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For the past year, The Lehrhaus has been excited to consistently bring you wide-ranging content on important topics to the Orthodox Jewish community and beyond.

Having just passed our one year anniversary, we are grateful for the overwhelming positive response.  

We are reaching more and more unique visitors each month–affirming our belief that there is a strong need for Jewish content that is not rancorous and divisive, but thoughtful and engaging.

In order to better accomplish the mission of The Lehrhaus, we have updated our website so that you can more easily engage the great content we are committed to bring our readership week in and week out.  And in addition, we have created new individualized author pages so that you can get to know all the amazing people that have written for the site of the past year.  

Check out the new homepage as well as the individualized author pages and let us know what you think.  We hope you enjoy The Lehrhaus’s new look!

To continue on this mission, however, we will need your support.  

The Lehrhaus is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit.

None of the members of the editorial board receive any compensation–all of us working on this project do so because of a commitment to The Lehrhaus mission.  Until now, we have operated The Lehrhaus with generous start-up funding from a couple of foundations.  However, now in year two, we are asking our readership to consider supporting The Lehrhaus in a number of ways:

  1. Donations: consider donating to The Lehrhaus on a one-time or recurring basis.  Any amount–from $10 to $360–will help support our operating expenses. https://www.thelehrhaus.com/donate/
  2. Sponsor Lehrhaus Over Shabbos: Consider sponsoring our extremely popular “Lehrhaus Over Shabbos” packets, maybe in memory or in honor of a loved one.  Sponsors will be recognized on the front page of the packet and sponsorship for one week is $54; for a month is $180. https://www.thelehrhaus.com/sponsor-lehrhaus-shabbos/

The Lehrhaus also hopes to support operations in two more ways, which you may notice from time to time.  

First, The Lehrhaus will also be rolling out some minimal advertising on the site.  Our commitment to our readers is that all advertisers will be first-rate Jewish institutions working towards the same objective as The Lehrhaus–promoting engaging and dynamic Jewish content that is meant to both educate and inspire.  As we launch, those advertisers include:

  1. Yeshiva University
  2. Koren Publishers
  3. Shalhevet High School and Shalhevet Institute
  4. Jewish Review of Books

If your institution fits this same description and is interested in advertising, please do reach out.

The Lehrhaus is also now an Amazon Affiliate and will be including Amazon links for books, which will provide some additional support if readers purchase books via those links.

All told, we very much hope these changes will enhance your experience on our site and we look forward to continuing to bringing you the thoughtful and engaging content you have come to expect from The Lehrhaus.


The Lehrhaus Editorial Board