The End of Contradiction: Resolving the Mysteries of The Guide to the Perplexed

Josh Frankel reviews Lenn Goodman’s new work of commentary on Moreh Nevukhim, which brings Rambam’s work to life for careful, contemporary readers.

Should the Bible be Translated in a Gender-Sensitive Way?

Martin Lockshin reviews the Jewish Publication Society’s latest Bible translation, the JPS Tanakh: Gender-Sensitive Edition.

Living in an Old Book with Poet Haim Gouri (1923-2018) 

Wendy Zierler interprets a 2015 poem by the late Haim Gouri, reflecting on the challenges of aging, and on the complex and often mournful relationship between the Jewish people, their history, and their literature.

Book review of For Women and Girls Only: Reshaping Jewish Orthodoxy through the Arts...

In his review of Jessica Roda's For Women and Girls Only: Reshaping Jewish Orthodoxy through the Arts in the Digital Age, Ben Rothke considers the ways Orthodox women have dealt with halachic obstacles a claim a space for themselves as performers using new and social media.

The Culture of Learning in Women’s Torah Study

  Yael Jaffe As you walk into the room, you hear voices arguing back and forth. You can’t make out the sound of any particular conversation...

Judaism is About Two Kinds of Love

  Warren Zev Harvey Review of Shai Held, Judaism is About Love: Recovering the Heart of Jewish Life (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2024). Originally...

The Non-Blaspheming “Blasphemer” and the Broader Ethic of the Episode

  Mark Glass I. It is fair to say that Sefer Vayikra is not known for its narratives. It is devoted, for the most part, to the...

Rethinking Disability: Let’s Do Better

  Nathaniel (Nati) Faber In January 2023, famed YouTuber, Mr. Beast received lots of backlash on a video he made where he ”cured” blindness for 1,000...

Judaism and Christianity: A Star-Crossed Affair?

Steven Gotlib reviews Eugene Korn’s book on the future of Jewish-Christian relations.

Pesah as Zeman Simhateinu: What Does it Mean to Rejoice Over Victory?

Judah Kerbel discusses why we say an abbreviated Hallel on the last six days of Pesah and contemplates what that says about the war in Israel; self-defense is a must, as is gratitude toward God, but we also hold space for the losses on the other side.