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Tikva Hecht

Tikva Hecht's writing can be found or is forthcoming in Grain, The Jewish Literary Journal, CV2, and Canadian Literature, among other publications. She has taught creative writing workshops for students of all ages in both formal and informal settings, and is the creator of DAF, a workshop on nonlinear and collaborative writing inspired by the Talmud Bavli. She holds an MFA in creative writing from UC, Riverside, an MA in philosophy from The New School for Social Research, and a BA in Judaic studies from Yeshiva University. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada, and is a member of the content team at Aleph Beta.


Tikva Hecht’s moving elegy for her mother, a lyric essay told in verse and art, reflects on the fragility of life and the final confession we recite in the Yom Kippur Amidah.

Configurations of Worship

Read Tikva Hecht's powerful poem to enter the world of Elul.