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Eli Genauer

Eli Genauer is an avid collector of antique seforim who has written extensively about his collection. One of his areas of expertise is the origin and development of diagrams in Rashi's commentary to the Babylonian Talmud. Eli has posted many articles on the Seforim Blog, and has written for Hakirah and Jewish Action. His research on manuscripts has been featured on Giluy Milta, the blog of the manuscript division of the National Library of Israel.

Did Rashi Draw the Diagrams in his Commentary to Eruvin?

Rashi’s commentary to Eruvin contains many explanatory diagrams. In anticipation of the Daf Yomi cycle’s study of the tractate beginning tomorrow, Eli Genauer shares some manuscripts that shed light on whether Rashi drew these pictures.

The Upside-Down Search for Hametz

Eli Genauer explores the profound impact of a printing error on the halakhot of Pesah.