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Dov Greenwood

Dov Greenwood graduated Yale College in 2022, having double majored in Humanities and Statistics, where he wrote his senior thesis on the relationship between modern synagogue Humashim and their historical relationship with American Jewish denominations. He has a passion for literary translation, translating Yiddish, modern Hebrew, and Biblical Hebrew prose and poetry. Dov currently works as a software engineer.

Hanukkah: A Poem by Avrom Liessen

In his Yiddish poem "Hanukkah" (1932), Avrom Liessen poignantly recalled his early experience of the holiday. Dov Greenwood's vivid translation transports us into that wondrous world.

Teaching Talmud in the 21st Century: A Student Voice

Dan Jutan, Dov Greenwood, and Meir Kerzner explore the fundamentals of Jewish Education.