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Zvi Leshem received ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and his PhD in Jewish Philosophy from Bar-Ilan University. He served for thirty years in senior positions in Israeli Torah education, including close to two decades as Associate Dean and Director of Overseas Programs at Nishmat. He is also Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Shirat Shlomo in Efrat. Since 2011 he has directed the Gershom Scholem Collection for Kabbalah and Hasidism at the National Library of Israel. He is the author of Redemptions: Contemporary Chassidic Essays on the Parsha and the Festivals (2006). Many of his articles are available at

Netivot Shalom: A Mixed Blessing?

Those of us who feel deeply connected and indebted to Hasidism should ask ourselves a difficult and perhaps painful question: Is Netivot Shalom the sefer that we want to represent us to the rest of Am Yisrael?