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Yitzhak Grossman

Yitzhak Grossman has studied in various yeshivot in the United States and Israel, where he has focused on Hoshen Mishpat and Even Ha'Ezer (Jewish civil and family law), in which he has received semikhah from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, and has served as a dayan with Bais Din Maysharim, Bais Din of Kollel Even Ha'Ezer, The Bais HaVaad Halacha Center, and the Vaad Harabanim - Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. He has published articles on Hoshen Mishpat and other topics in various journals and magazines including Hakirah, Nehorai (Beth Medrash Govoha), various publications of the Bais HaVaad, Ami Magazine, and the Lakewood Voice, and on blogs including The Seforim Blog and Tradition's blog, and has lectured on various topics in Jewish law and thought before a variety of audiences, including CLE presentations to legal professionals. He currently resides in Silver Spring, where he serves as the Rosh Haburah and Senior Lecturer of the Greater Washington Community Kollel.

A Time To Keep Silence, and A Time To Speak

Tragic events this past summer brought a wave of protests against racial injustice that shows few signs of abating. Yitzhak Grossman shares how rabbinic leaders in the United States and Israel have historically approached the tactic of protest, and explores what their views might mean for our current moment.