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William Gewirtz

William Gewirtz, a former CTO of AT&T Business, is a consultant in the technology and communications sector. He maintains a strong interest in halakhic areas where mathematics, science and/or logic play an important part, including all aspects of zemanim and kinim. He can be reached at

Cantillation: Some Observations – Part 2

In Part II of his series on trop, William Gewirtz explains the principle of recursion and how it helps us interpret texts.

Cantillation: Some Observations – Part 1

William Gewirtz explores the value of cantillation.

When Satmar Censored the Hatam Sofer

William Gewirtz continues to offer his thoughts on the meaning of bein ha-shemashot.

Is a Dateline a Logical Necessity? The Halakhic View Less Often Quoted

William Gewirtz discusses the necessity of a Halakhic Dateline.

The Jewish Calendar: A Scientific Perspective

William Gerwitz explains the scientific knowledge needed to fully understand the Jewish calendar.