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Todd Berman

Todd Berman is the Associate Director at Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi. He has held numerous posts in education from the high school level through adult education. He founded the Jewish Learning Initiative (JLI) at Brandeis University and served as rabbinic advisor to the Orthodox community there for several years. Previously, he was a RaM at Midreshet Lindenbaum where he also served as the Rav of the dormitory.

Secular Music and the Jewish Soul

The Talmud criticizes the heretic Elisha ben Avuyah, or Aher, for listening to Greek music. But what did he do wrong? Todd Berman uses a close reading of Rashi’s comments on the Talmudic passage to explain.

A Game by Any Other Name

Todd Berman warns of antisemitism in strange places.

JLIC: The OU Program That Introduced a New Vision of Orthodox Women’s Leadership

Todd Berman contributes to the Lehrhaus Symposium on the recent OU statement regarding female clergy.