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Tamar Ron Marvin

Tamar Ron Marvin holds a Ph.D. in Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies and is currently a semikha student at Yeshivat Maharat. A 2022 Vatichtov Writing Fellow, her work has appeared in various academic and Jewish publications, including The Association for Jewish Studies Review, Medieval Encounters, and The New York Jewish Week.

Lost Literary Worlds: A Review of David Torollo’s edition of Yedaya ha-Penini’s Sefer ha-Pardes

Tamar Ron Marvin reviews a new translation of the Sefer Ha-Pardes

On Building a Better World: The Tension in Jewish Thought between Yeridat ha-Dorot and...

Tamar Ron Marvin argues for the importance of recognizing a Jewish idea of Aliyat Ha-Dorot.