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Ronnie Perelis is a professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University where he loves exploring the complexity and dynamism of Sephardic history with his students. His Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic: Blood and Faith (Indiana University Press) investigates the nature of family and identity in the Sephardic Atlantic world. He is currently working on the re-discovered religious writings of Luis de Carvajal, a sixteenth century Mexican crypto-Jewish thinker. To learn more about his scholarship and cultural explorations see:

Periphery and Center: reading Natalie Zemon Davis at Stern College for Women

Natalie Zemon Davis, a Jewish historian known for shining a light on the lives of marginalized people in the early modern period, passed away in October. Ronnie Perelis commemorates Dr. Zemon Davis by reflecting on the experience of teaching her revolutionary work to his students at Stern College for Women.

“Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything” at the Jewish Museum: A Review

Ronnie Perelis reviews The Jewish Museum's exhibition: Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything.