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Miriam Reisler

Miriam Reisler lives in Israel and is passionate about teaching gemara to women of all ages. She is deeply involved in post high school and adult education as a Ramit in Yeshivat Drisha, and as a teacher of older women at Migdal Oz and Kulana. She is also committed to encouraging high school age students to experience learning as a lifelong pursuit by preparing them for the challenging Talmud track bagrut at Ulpanat Noga and through an internet learning program she created through Midreshet Afikim, an organization she founded. Currently, she is the only woman teaching towards this bagrut, and her students are the only young women sitting for this test.

Contagious Disease, Moral Behavior, and Prayer: Bava Kama Today 

How did the Talmud look at plagues? Miriam Reisler offers a close reading of a key halakhic and narrative section of Bava Kama.