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Leead Staller just began a new position at NYU as the new OU-JLIC Director. Leead had been rabbi-ing in downtown New York City for a couple years prior to starting at NYU, moving from pulpit to campus work. He received his Rabbinic Ordination from RIETS and is finishing up a Masters in Jewish History from Revel. Originally from Highland Park, New Jersey, he attended the University of Pennsylvania as an undergrad, where he studied history and philosophy and received an award for best thesis in Jewish History. As a Wexner fellow and a fellow of Hillel’s Office of Innovation, Leead has been fortunate enough to learn from Jewish leaders and colleagues across the Jewish spectrum. Currently, he is working to apply those lessons and pursue his passion for Jewish community by fostering a warm and welcoming community in downtown NYC.

Mi-Simhah Le-Yagon, Mi-Yom Tov Le-Eivel: The Changing Meaning of Sefirat Ha-Omer

Leead Staller explores the connection between Sefira practices and Hol Ha-moed.

Hippocratic Healthcare and Christian Absolutism: Can Halakhah Allow for Compassionate Euthanasia?

Leead Staller argues for a more nuanced approach to euthanasia in Halakha.