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Lindsey Bodner

Lindsey Bodner is a writer, an attorney, and the executive director of the Naomi Foundation, which funds innovation in education in the US and Israel. She proudly supports her husband in his rabbinic work and teaches adults, children, and kallahs.

The Instagram Rebranding of Taharat ha-Mishpahah

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in the packaging of Taharat ha-Mishpahah education on Instagram, from video reels to influencers to new, diverse online communities. Lindsey Bodner offers an astute, well-researched review of this new paradigm shift in Taharat ha-Mishpahah education today.

The Feminist Case for Home Economics

There was a time when many day schools featured home ec classes, but those days are behind us. Lindsey Bodner makes the case for reintroducing an updated version of this course in our curricula.