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Hillel Broder

Hillel Broder has written previously about Jeremiah Lockwood and The Sway Machinery for The Forward. He holds a PhD in English from The Graduate Center, CUNY. Currently, he is a teacher and writer in New York. Follow him on Twitter @hillelbro. He has published two books of Jewish poetry, Counting Spheres and Daily Blessings.

Erev Rosh Hashana 

What happens at the end of the old year? Hillel Broder explored this boundary in his new poem for the Lehrhaus.

Boardwalk Closed (April 2020)

Hillel Broder reflects on the edges in life, in his latest poem for the Lehrhaus.

Jeremiah Lockwood’s New Cantorial Blues Album, Kol Nidre, is a Yom Kippur Dream

Hillel Broder reviews the latest release from Jeremiah Lockwood.