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Emmanuel Bloch

Emmanuel Bloch received his PhD in Jewish philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a dissertation titled “Modesty: Halakhah, Meta-Halakhah, and Historical Development in the Twentieth Century.” He is the Gruss Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School. He previously served as a fellow at the Katz Center at the University of Pennsylvania, a Robbins Research Fellow at the Helen Diller Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies at Berkeley Law School and an Associate Fellow in Jewish Studies at the Center for Jewish Studies at Fordham University.

Reclaiming Dignity Revealed

The new book Reclaiming Dignity is taking the Anglo Jewish world by storm. Why? Emmanuel Bloch, who wrote his dissertation on the subject of tzeniut, argues that the work capitalizes on and extends a new, revolutionary halakhic and conceptual framework for tzeniut that has emerged only in recent years - one that offers a lens to the “soul of contemporary Jewish Orthodoxy.”