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Baruch Sterman is Director and co-founder of Ptil Tekhelet, a non-profit dedicated to the renewal of the mitzvah of Tekhelet. He received his doctorate in Physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and his Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Columbia and has had a distinguished career as a leading technologist in the Israeli High-Tech sector. His book, The Rarest Blue, which details the history and science of the ancient biblical blue dye Tekhelet, was awarded the Jewish Journal Book Prize for 2013. He can be reached at

Rav Nachum Rabinovitch and the Art of Ancient Dyeing

Baruch Sterman, founder of the @Ptil Tekhelet Institute, tells the story of Rav Rabinovitch's pivotal role in the discovery of the tekhelet - and an episode of "The Worst Jobs in History," a 2004-2006 BBC series.

Parshat Ki Tavo: The Curse of the Law

Baruch Sterman describes how an encounter with a missionary led him to a greater understanding of Ramban's commentary on this week's Parshah.