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Alex Ozar
Rabbi Alex S. Ozar is the co-director of the OU-JLIC program at Yale University, where he is also pursuing a dual PhD in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He holds a BA in philosophy, MA in Jewish philosophy, and rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University. His writing has appeared in Tradition, Torah U-Madda Journal, Harvard Theological Review, Journal of Religious Ethics, First Things, and Torah Musings.

Born to Return

Alex Ozar explores the significance of Torah study in the womb.

The Prophets Did Not Take Political Stands, and You Should Too

Alex Ozar comments on preaching politics from the pulpit.

Our Hands Did Not Shed This Blood?

Alex Ozar offers an in-depth reading of Eglah Arufah against the backdrop of current events.

Love (and Trust) Conquer All: Another Angle on the Akeidah

Alex Ozar drills down on the point of the Akeidah, responding to Herzl Hefter and Tzvi Sinensky.

Does Lying Make You A Liar? On Truth And Truthfulness in Rabbinic Thinking

Alex Ozar catalogues types of truthfulness in rabbinic literature.