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In Search of an Exiled Past: A Review of Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin’s...

In this review of Professor Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin's new book on the ideology of exile in the thought of the Safed Kabbalists, Aron Wander unpacks an alternate proposal for Jewish national self-understanding that seeks to elevate, rather than negate, the Jewish people's exilic experiences.

A Festive Song with an Unclear Message: Uncovering the Meaning of...

Yaakov Jaffe delves into two possible themes of the song Maoz Tzur.

Shomron Kol Titein: Let the Silent Sisters Speak and be Consoled

Yosef Lindell examines why Shomron Kol Titein is a fitting conclusion to the daytime kinnot on Tisha Be-Av.

Punishment, Progress, Or Impossibility? Three Medieval Accounts of Exile

Jews have been confronting the concept of exile for thousands of years. How did Jewish thinkers respond to this phenomenon? @Michael Weiner outlines three medieval responses.