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Hannah Lebovits

Hannah Lebovits is an assistant professor of public affairs and urban planning at the University of Texas- Arlington. Her work focuses on topics related to urban social sustainability and socially equitable governance systems. Hannah frequently writes about topics at the intersection of religious Judaism and urbanism. Her work has appeared in the Forward, JTA, and the Jerusalem Post. A graduate of BJJ and Touro College's Lander College for Women, Hannah now resides in Dallas, TX.

A Response to Moshe Krakowski on YAFFED and Haredi Jewish Education

In a widely-circulated article published in City Journal, Moshe Krakowski objected to the work of YAFFED, an organization that works with government officials to require higher standards of secular education in Hasidic schools. Here, Hannah Lebovits and Yoel Finkelman respond passionately to a number of Dr. Krakowski's contentions.