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להחזיר קטנים על הגדולים: Short Responses on Gedolim

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The response to Chaim Saiman’s recent piece for Lehrhaus has been as diverse as it has been inspiring. In the interests of continuing the conversation we have convened a symposium of writers who will offer further reflections on the topic. We have tried to ensure that a broad of range of perspectives, within the Orthodox community and beyond, find representation.  

This page will continue to update throughout the week, so please check back often.

Lawrence Kaplan: The Function of the Centrist Orthodox Gadol


Aryeh Klapper: The Market for Halakhic Authority – Some Reflections on Gadolnomics


Wendy Amsellem: “Not in the Market for a Gadol”


Ethan Tucker: “Looking for Gedolim in All the Wrong Places?


Miriam Gedwiser: “A Question of Perspective”


Netanel Wiederblank: “New Links in an Old Chain”